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    Our Strong Message: “Your child is very smart. Believe it. Because it is true. So let’s give them the tools that will help them to quickly learn and apply their knowledge. We believe autistic kids can recover, and the best way to achieve this goal is to provide all the educational tools needed while starting intervention early and intensively . 


    Specially Smart, LLC was founded by the mother of an autistic child. Not long after starting her child’s ABA therapy, she couldn't find durable, high quality, reasonably-priced teaching materials for autism education programs. So she created them herself. Every product on our website has been made with a focus on quality, durability, usefulness and value. 

    Specially Smart, LLC has been providing quality educational materials for autistic children since our founding in 2009. It is our mission to win the race for the cure of autism.

    This site is dedicated to making durable, affordable educational products available to teachers and parents of autistic children. Our company’s goal is to enhance the educational quality by offering effective educational materials that help our children learn faster and better. All our products are compatible with ABA, VBA, ABLLS-R and other autism therapies. Many of the ideas that led to the creation of our products were born during therapy sessions to fill needs for teaching autistic kids and finding that very few products in the market fill those needs. We are very open to new suggestions. Please email info@speciallysmart.com  with any questions, comments or suggestions


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